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     Monarch Library System

    As of January 1st, the Horicon Public Library officially became a member of the new Monarch Library System.  The existing Eastern Shores Library System and our old one  Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, completed a year-long process negotiating, implementing, and migrating to today.  Based on the amount of paperwork at the inaugural meeting, it was undeniable a tremendous amount of work went into coordinating the merger in such a short time frame.

    Most patrons aren’t aware of their library’s participation in a library system and don’t realize what benefits they and the library receive from the system.  Monarch provides over 30 libraries resources we couldn’t afford on our own.  They will administer our software allowing you access to nearly all member library materials, more than 1,000,000 items. They provide daily delivery between, aiming for next day service depending on item availability.  If you see a comic book panel van heading down the highway, that’s Monarch bringing the world to someone.  Technology is a huge concern for libraries and Monarch is committed to providing each member IT support.  Monarch offers consulting services helping your library meet state requirements and exceed community expectations.  They provide continuing education opportunities helping libraries discover and implement new strategies to serve patrons better in our ever evolving culture.  Being a member of Monarch allows your small hometown library the advantages of big city libraries.  It’s the hub where libraries, big or small, collectively collaborate to bring you the best service possible.

    We encourage to visit your local library either in person or virtually where you’ll find you’re only limited by your imagination.

  1. Didn’t we just celebrate this holiday? After reviewing an all around eventful 2016, yes another full year has come and gone. Not all the changes were painless, especially last month, as the libraries finally migrated all the data to our new software. We’re sorry to inform you there is a known issue with passwords/PINs.  If you’ve experienced problems trying to log into your account or the digital library, we suggest capitalizing all letters, if your password/PIN contains them.  Still having trouble; give your local library a call, and we’ll help reconnect you with your accounts.