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  1. Place Those Holds!
     Monarch Library System

    As part of our library system realignment to Monarch, the Library’s materials are now being shared among four counties, and we’ve noted an uptick of materials, both old and new, heading out to an even larger pool of patrons.  The fastest and surest method of obtaining hot movies and bestsellers is to place your name on the waiting list.  Our copy will stay here as long as there are holds listing Horicon as the pickup library.  The Library is happy to take your requests at the circulation desk or when you call.  If you’re comfortable online, use your library card and PIN to place holds in our online catalog.  920-485-3535 or www.horicon.lib.wi.us

  1. Making the Shift
     Monarch Library System

    We’ve written about “weeding” at the library before, explaining the need to refresh our collections and accommodate space for new books.  Unlike before, this time our weeding project will be more intensive as we strive to “right-size” the number of shelves devoted to nonfiction allotting more shelf units to fiction.  Technology has been an excellent tool helping us make decisions about what and how much we collect,  and again now that we need to be ready to let go.

    But, there are so many great books on our shelves, and though haven’t circulated in a while, in our estimation deserve to be read.  Over the course of the next few months, there will be a book cart at the circulation desk with many of these shelfworthy titles hoping for you to check them out, saving them from being summarily dismissed.  A new batch will be out every week.  Those checked out will return to the shelf; those not …

    Even if a book is weeded from the library, there is hope for a second life.  These books will be available in the book sale room, where proceeds benefit the Friends of Horicon Library, continuing their service on another home librarian’s shelf.  Check back frequently, you closet librarians.