Initial Appearance Procedures

Upon entering the Courtroom, there will be information located to your right that explains how court is run. Please make sure you remove all hats and turn off all cell phones. The Clerk of Court will then call for defendants who wish to enter a “not guilty” plea up to her desk to fill out the proper forms.

At the designated time, the Judge will enter the courtroom and explain court procedure and pleas at this time. When your name is called, you must step forward to the podium, and the Judge will explain the charge(s) against you. At that time you will be asked to enter a plea. After the incident report is read, you may make a brief statement. A decision will be made based on your statement and any previous record you may have.

If you are found guilty of the offense, payment is expected immediately. If you have extenuating circumstances and wish to request an extension or a payment plan, you must do so within five days of judgment.