About Us

Our Department

The City of Horicon maintains a professional, full-time Police Department that provides services to the community year-round. The Horicon Police Department is progressive and community oriented in focus. Staff and Officers of the department undergo continuous training and education in law enforcement and related skills, enhancing their job proficiency and competence. The Horicon Police Department has developed strong associations with agencies from the surrounding area, interacting through various law enforcement programs, creating a blanket of security and service for the community.


The Horicon Police Department interacts with the community and develops relationships with citizens through a variety of programs. The Citizen Police Academy (CPA) and separate, but related Ride-along program, offer a hands-on and first person view into the world of law enforcement and it’s operations. The City of Horicon has an active Neighborhood Watch program that is mentored by the Horicon Police Department and participated in by concerned and observant citizens. For the youth in the community, the Horicon Police Department provides education on a variety of topics through programs designed to build both education and rapport. Some examples of the programs offered are “Lunch with the Cheese,” “Shop with Cops” and Bike Rodeos.

Standards of Service

The Horicon Police Department has a short response time to calls for service. The primary modes of patrol most commonly used by the Police Department are squad patrol, bicycle patrol and foot patrol. As certified First Responders, the Officers of the Horicon Police Department have the skills and training necessary to meet a variety of demanding emergency situations, whether it is a medical, environmental or physical condition. As such, the City of Horicon enjoys a low level of crime and a superior level of safety any community would be proud of, and one that the City of Horicon has achieved and maintains. In November 2008, the Horicon Police Department implemented a Police Canine Unit that focuses on search and rescue, narcotics detection and evidence recovery.