Economic Development

A Natural Fit for Business

Home of the John Deere Horicon Works factory, headquarters for Horicon Bank, and famous for the internationally significant Horicon Marsh wildlife area, Horicon is located at the center point of Wisconsin’s three largest marketplaces, and within easy reach of over 3-million customers.

With an 80-acre business park breaking ground in 2016, we can accommodate businesses and manufacturers of any scale. Easily accessed via Highway 33, our community has an outstanding workforce and logistical support network already in place, as evidenced by our growing lineup of outstanding manufacturers and related vendors.
Horicon Marketplace Map


Horicon is also positioned within a nationally significant agriculture and food processing economic development zone. Which makes our location a sensible choice for food and dairy industry processors. We are building an innovative ag-technology center, as a marketplace for our local food products. And our strong cultural heritage is anchored by a redeveloping historic downtown and our consistently strong school district.