Business Park

Horicon will break ground soon on a 120-acre Phase 2 Business Park expansion, offering large commercial and industrial sites for a range of new businesses on our growing west side. With frontage highly visible from the 12,000 cars per day that traverse Highway 33, we are proposing a lineup of agriculture-technology sites in front, with larger development lots behind; any size from 3-20+ acres is possible. A new TIF district is in place to offer assistance if needed.
Phase 2 Bus Park Advert Map2

Rail Access

Rail access is located on the north side of the property, with direct connection to Wisconsin and Southern Railroad and their large switchyard just to the east. Dodge County Airport, a full-service 5,069 feet FOB, is located three minutes to the south, and is operated by Wisconsin Aviation for use by corporate businesses planes and recreational craft.

Renewable Energy

We are also proposing to create a solar farm with renewable energy solutions provided to building lot developers, as incentive to provide sustainable credits to new users. With close proximity to our mixed-use City View neighborhood just to the east, this exciting new business development is poised to help Horicon to continue exciting business growth.